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What is the Great Start Readiness Program


FREE program. Our GSRP class allows 16 children to participate in this kindergarten readiness program and it is offered Monday through Thursday for seven hours a day. Fridays are reserved for conferences, home visits, parent education classes and administrative duties for staff relating to this program. However, Friday, before school and afterschool care is available on site when the program is not in session at an additional cost. If interested in Friday, before or after school care, please contact administration (313) 744-7777. For more info about GSRP view Wayne county RESA’s web site


Admission Criteria & Eligibility

Admission Criteria - Reign Development Center is an equal opportunity provider of preschool services. Applications for enrollment are accepted without regard to race, religion, sex or national origin. (Public law 92-318 amended by 93-568).

Eligibility - The G.S.R.P. is Michigan’s state-funded preschool program for four-year-old children with factors that may place them at-risk for future educational difficulties. The program is administered by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) at no cost to families that qualify. The eight factors that place \children at educational risk are: 1. Extremely low family income (ELI) 2. Low family income (LFI) 3. Diagnosed disability or identified developmental delay 4. Severe or challenging behavior 5. Primary home language other than English 6. Parent(s) with low educational attainment 7. Abuse/neglect of child or parent 8. Environmental risk.


     State Funded GSRP Program

  • Encourage love of learning and self confidence
  •  Spiritual development that instills, integrity, leadership, values and confidence
  •  Enrich cognitive, physical, and social skills
  •  Encourage creative expression
  •  Teach independence
  •  Build vocabulary skills
  •  Foster a positive identity
  •  Introduce new concepts and activities
  •  Building character in your child
  •  Help the development of self sufficiency
  •  Teach children to respect diversity
  •  Encourage problem solving
  •  Provide a clean, safe and structured environment
  •  Provide nurturing experiences that cultivate emotional, physical, social and intellectual development
  •  Building a foundation for lifelong learning

Kindergarten Readiness 

The goal of our early childhood program is to prepare each child for kindergarten by developing competent and enthusiastic learners who have the ability to adapt to a changing world. Children will have the following experience:

• Children will engage in unique educational experiences to develop intellectual, social, emotional and physical abilities.

• Through active involvement children will learn independence, responsibility and confidence.

• Children will gain knowledge and skills in content areas such as language, literacy, mathematics, social relations, art, large and small muscles development.

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