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Infants and Toddlers 



Reign Development Center 

* 4 Star rated preschool program 

* Children ages 6 weeks - 12 yrs. old

* Free GSRP Program

* Transportation

* Before and after school care 

* Breakfast * Lunch * Dinner 

* Financial assistance through DHS

* Warm and nurturing environment

* High quality early childhood education 

 Program Goal 

The goal of our preschool program is to help cultivate all areas of a child’s development.

Intellectual Development- Our children will engage in unique educational experiences to develop problem solving techniques, listening, observation, logical thinking, comprehension skills as well as learning to explore, investigate, create, and discover.

Social Development- Children will learn how to interact with others, as well as learning how to communicate and express themselves.

Emotional Development- We will enable our children to attain a strong emotional development by helping them to build positive self-images and healthy attachments.

Physical Development- We will encourage physical development by providing our children with an abundance of opportunities for movement and exercise.

Our Preschool ​​​​

We believe that a quality preschool program is more than just a safe place for a child to play, it’s an environment in which a child can grow, develop and learn.

Reign Development Centers  learning Environment is designed to create an atmosphere that encourages independence, creativity and purposeful exploration of materials.





"First we give our children roots, then we give them wings."

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